February 2015

Well, It’s been a while and much has happened in the past 6 months :) !!

July/August: Finally played another show with Light Blue Movers!! This time, at the Mint in Los Angeles on July 31st.LBM PANO reh at DJs house

The show was filmed  and featured Julian Coryell and Shanee Pink as special guests.MINT

We’re now in the middle of editing footage from the show to include in our EPK as well finally finishing up our debut album. The full length record will be released in 2015, but an EP or individual songs will be released in the first half of the year. Check out the ruff cut of our EPK here: Get set for LBM 

August-October: August 2nd, I performed at the Stonington Opera House in Maine with the Henry Butler trio (Henry Butler, Brad Jones and myself). Absolutely exhilarating gig and amazing audience.

Henry Butler Brad Jones Adrian HArpham




Here is a short sound byte  of us performing Giant Steps:


Ben Seawell‘s album, “South Wind’s Jostle” got finished up/mixed/mastered by Phil Nicolo at Studio 4 in Philly. Thanx to EVERYONE involved!! You can preview the songs on Ben’s Soundcloud page  here: Ben Seawell – SoundCloud

September- December: Began producing an up and coming Hip Hop artist/rapper Erwan. We are now 7 tracks in, with 3 ready for release soon! Check out sound byte here:

November 2014-present: In the final stages of tracking, mixing, mastering 12 Light Blue Movers tracks. Here’s sound bytes of 4 songs.

August- December – We resumed our residency with the Doug Wamble Trio (Doug, Me and bassist Jeff Hanley)and Doug Wamble organ Trio (w/ Roy Dunlap-organ) @ The 55 Bar. Other gigs happened at Whynot Jazz Room as well. Here’s some raw clips from the 55 Bar last year:

January/February: I’ve rejoined forces with 19 yr old singer songwriter Jack Snyder to commence work on a forthcoming EP. Our first  few days of writing music, yielded some very special results-Anxious for you all to hear this music as it gets finished!



Coming Up: I will be guesting in the drum chair for Henry Butler, Steven Bernstein and the Hot 9  on February 17th at the Brooklyn Bowl directly followed by another Henry Butler trio gig at the Classon in Brooklyn on February 20th. In late March, I will be going to Cape-town, South Africa to perform at the Cape town Jazz festival with Jason Miles‘ “Tribute To Grover Washington” project.

1st 5 tunes from “On The Edge Of Change” released on Bandcamp


2. Before 03:47
3.It Was Gone 03:42
4.Silence 04:20
“On The Edge Of Change” by Adrian Harpham


Released between May 2014-September 2014 Music and lyrics by Adrian Harpham
Produced and Engineered by Adrian Harpham at Terminator A Studio in NYC for BigPulse productionslive drums for “Anything, Anyone, Anywhere”  tracked at New Warsaw Studios engineered by Riley McMahonAll vocals, guitars, drums,  keyboards-Adrian Harpham
Electric bass- Jonathon Maron (#1, 2 and 4),  Lincoln Schleifer(#3), Fima Ephron (#5).
Tenor Sax, add’l gtrs, rhodes on “Remember What You Said”- Craig DreyerAdditional Guitars and guitar solo on “Silence” – Doug WambleMixed and Mastered by Phil Nicolo at Studio 4 Conshohocken, PA20120303_untitled_207-Edit

Song #5 “Remember What You Said”

Remember What You Said

In memory of Shaun Solomon


from On The Edge Of Change, track released 27 September 2014
Produced by Adrian Harpham
Engineered by Craig Dreyer at Mighty Toad- New Paltz, NY
and Adrian Harpham at Terminator Studio – NYC

Drums, all vocals, guitars, keyboards- Adrian Harpham
add’l guitars, rhodes and Tenor sax solo- Craig Dreyer
electric bass- Fima Ephron

Mixed/ Mastered by Phil Nicolo @ Studio 4 Conshohocken,PAIMG_3992

Song # 3 “It Was Gone”, from “On The Edge Of Change”

IMG_2965It Was Gone

3rd release from the upcoming album, “On the Edge Of Change” by Adrian Harpham


from On The Edge Of Change, track released 22 July 2014
All Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards and Drums – Adrian Harpham
Electric Bass- Lincoln Schleifer
Produced by Adrian Harpham
Engineered by Adrian Harpham at Terminator Studio
Electric Bass recorded at Lincoln Schleifer’s studio
Mixed and Mastered by Phil Nicolo at Studio 4 recording Conshohocken, PA.
words and music by Adrian Harpham copyright 2013

Release Of song # 2 “Before” on Bandcamp

Photo-on-2012-09-25-at-16.43.jpgfrom On The Edge Of Change, track released 11 June 2014
All guitars, keyboards, percussion, drums and vocals- Adrian Harpham
electric bass- Jonathan Maron
Produced by Adrian Harpham for Big Pulse Productions
Engineered by Adrian Harpham
Recorded at Terminator A studio – NYC
mixed and mastered at Studio 4 Recording, Conshohocken, PA by Phil Nicolo

Copyright 2013 Adrian Harpham

New Song “Before


October 2013 to May 2014


I’ve finally started to release some new music 1 track at a time! Starting this month, I will release 1 song a month for the next 4-6 months and then release a full length album, “On The Edge Of Change“. Starting with a limited Bandcamp presence, here we go: Anything Anyone Anywhere, by Adrian Harpham

I’veything Anyone AAl

Continued work on the “Light Blue Movers” project! Now, we are adding special guest vocalists to this ever growing body of work-very exciting! But for now, the 1st 4 instrumental songs are up on Soundcloud for people to hear: Light Blue MoversLIGHT BLUE MOVERS - Basquiat

May 12th 2014- New Chromeo album out! I’m on a few things (The track with Solange ;) is one of them) Usually, I’ve come in to do auxiliary percussion or hi hats and things..Always good to see these guys. I toured with them from 2004-2007 playing a Simmons Kit ! Here’s me and Dave One from back in the day, 2006 Melbourne, Australia.Adogg and dave 1 in Australia

March/April 2014-I embarked on a 5 1/2 week trip in Europe with Robin Mckelle  and the Flytones in support of the “Heart of Memphis” album (currently being released around the world). This was an incredibly hard tour with everyone (including myself) being sick, underslept, jetlagged, drained etc. After 3 years, 2 albums and thousands of miles traveled-I now say goodbye to this project…

Directly after this tour, whilst still sick, feeling beat up (physically, emotionally, spiritually and otherwise)- I went to Amsterdam to do a one off gig at Melkweg with Amel Larrieux! We haven’t been on stage together in 2 and 1/2 years so..it was a trip to play again. After this, chilled in Berlin for 9 days..I really got a feel for this city on this trip.melkweg

January/February- did shows with the “Icons Of Funk” featuring Bernie Worrell, Fred Wesley, Leo Nocentelli, Bill Dickens and myself. Howard Theater and B.B.King’s and then in February, at Yoshi’s (minus Fred Wesley). This band is really starting to gel and sound like something-like a BAND. I never thought I would ever say that in regards to me with these incredible luminaries-very cool…Icons of Funk live shotIcons of Funk 1

After Yoshi’s- popped down to LA to continue more work with Deron Johnson on the Light Blue Movers project. This time, Julian Coryell came in to sing on a track. One of the most amazing displays of “in the moment” talent/skill/creativity I’ve ever witnessed. He came with nothing and wrote lyrics, melody, harmonies-on the spot-1 take of each…Beautiful.1620660_10202279716608681_554516600_n

October-February/March: Production on the Ben Seawell album continued and we added another 5 songs. Now, it’s a full length album project and more great featured guests bringing their super strong personalities to the table! At this point: the guests include: FALU, HENRY BUTLER, SEAMUS BLAKE, GERALD MENKE, AMP FIDDLER, LEO NOCENTELLI, BECCA STEVENS, CLARK GAYTON, DERON JOHNSON, DOUG WAMBLE, TEDDY KUMPEL, AL STREET, GABRIEL GORDON, BARRY DANIELIAN, CRAIG DREYER, DANNY SADOWNICK, BRIAN MITCHELL, FRANK KIMBROUGH, BEN STIVERS, HENRY HEY———-HORNS/STRINGS arranged by JOHN DIVERSA with DAVE EGGAR and TONY KADLECK leading the respective sections

July/August/September 2013


This year, I’ve been predominantly off the road (in strong contrast to the past 2/3 years). Which brings me back into the fold of playing live in NYC, doing some session work and deep into my love of producing records for independent artists. Here’s a few highlights:

Continued residency shows @  the 55 Bar with Doug Wamble and Jeff Hanley.

Concert in Woodstock, VT with Jack Snyder for “Summer Send Off” featuring Brockett Parsons and myself.

Week of chilling in Berlin, Germany :) end of July, early August.

Drum sessions with Chromeo, Brandon Lowry (aka Sterling Fox), Koby Hass, Toni Ann Semple, Jack Snyder, and Jeff Bernstein @ Cutting Room, Mission Recording, Monster Island Recording and my home studio.

Gigs with Beverly Crosby, Toni Ann Semple, Mike Visceglia/Tracy Brathwaite, Dean Scala.

Coming up: Gig @ 78 Below in NYC with Grammy award winning songwriter and pianist, Will Barrow. Lincoln Schleifer and Gary Seiger will be joining as well.

I will spend one week in LA working on music with different folks and will perform at The Sayers Club with the great Deron Johnson on September 22nd.

Concert in Boston with Robin Mckelle and the Flytones.

Now 7 songs in, the Ben Seawell project continues and we are now starting to bring some great musical artists in to help with the instrumental duties: Amp Fiddler, Teddy Kumpel, Brian Mitchell, Doug Wamble, Henry Hey and the great Leo Nocentelli. Coming up: String and Horn Arrangements (by Henry Hey) followed by tracking of both sections. On 2 other songs, Clark Gayton(trombone) will lead additional horn section work on 2 other songs. We will also begin work on 4 new songs coming up this Fall with more additional guests.

Ben’s music (to my ears) is a hybrid of early Tom Waits, Boz Scaggs, Brian Wilson, various classic R & B/Soul and various Jazz influences. It’s been a real pleasure to utilize the amazing talent pool in NYC (as well as Detroit and LA) to capture different vibes and go for different freaky drum sounds for each song. I’m really looking forward to how this body of work will turn out.

Amel Larrieux will be releasing a new album this month called, “Ice Cream Everday”. I’m on some of it- can’t wait to hear it!



January to June 2013 News


January/February: Session work for Bobby Fingeroth, Adam Mason, Mikey Wax. Begun production work on 2 songs with Jack Snyder, 4 song EP with LBM (Light Blue Movers-formerly Narnia) featuring: Deron Johnson, Gabriel Gordon, Jonathon Levy, 2 songs w/ singer songwriter, Emilie Cardinaux. Live performances w/ LBM at Shapeshifter Lab, Gabriel Gordon, Craig Harris,  Monday Michiru featuring: David Gilmore, Fima Ephron and Alex Sipiagin. Doug Wamble (@ Joe’s Pub CD Release). Television appearance with Doug Wamble on The Artie Lange show – see here


March/April: Concerts in Europe with Robin Mckelle. Heidelberg- Germany, Zurich-Switzerland, Toulouse and Marseille, France. Rehearsals in Paris, France for next Robin Mckelle album. Recordings in Memphis for Robin Mckelle album @ Electraphonic Recording w/ Scott Bomar.  Performances in NYC w/ Gabriel Gordon, Gary Seiger and friends, Doug Wamble. Took part in a tribute/memorial concert for the late great Jill Seifers. Mixed 2 songs for forthcoming album of Philadelphia songwriter/multi-instrumentalist EJ Simpson.


May/June :live performances in NYC w/ Hugh Pool, Doug Wamble (55 bar residency), singer songwriter Jeff Bernstein, Michael Viseglia, Teddy Kumpel Loopestra, Jason Miles- tribute to Grover Washington in Bethlehem, PA featuring Gerald Veasley, Andy Snitzer, Nick Moroch, Maya Azucena. Performances in Europe w/ Robin Mckelle. Treviso-Italy, Chancelade-France. 2 nights at the Rochester Jazz festival w/ Robin Mckelle in Rochester, NY. Finished up EP mixes for LBM, begun production work on 7 songs for songwriter/bassist Ben Seawell.